Welcome to The Wilderness Society Sydney

Volunteering with The Wilderness Society is an incredibly rewarding experience! Just have a look at this video of our vollies sharing their stories and see for yourself. We have a stalls and an events team that are always looking for more volunteers. For more info on these you can read about them below!

Join our Stalls Team

If you have time on weekends and like talking to people, we’d love you on our stalls team! You will receive campaign communications training to get prepared. You will also help with coordination, stall design and other elements of organising a stall's presence. The stalls team meet as required.

Email our Volunteer Coordinator eleonora.bergamaschini@wilderness.org.au if you are particularly interested in volunteering for the stalls team. 

Join our Events Team 

We are looking to get an events team of enthusiastic, determined, and passionate people together who will create and organise events on behalf of The Wilderness Society. No matter how big or small the events, all awareness and money raised for our campaigns is helping and greatly appreciated. Public awareness of our initiative is crucial, and fun events are the best way to get the community involved! And if that’s not enough, this role would be an impressive boost to your CV.

Some examples of events that could be planned include One Planet, Hands Across the Sand, film screenings, and specific actions or protests around Sydney. 

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