Sydney Organisers Communications Survey - May 2017

The Movement for Life is now one year old and growing.  Around two hundred and fifty people have been through the two-day community organising program in Sydney and the Illawarra and six local teams are working on a range of local and national environmental priorities.

Our culture as a connected movement needs to grow and be enriched as our organisation grows.

One major initiative we are planning from the Sydney office is a monthly webinar for volunteer organisers to build and share our activity.  The webinar will focus broadly on the work of the teams and of the Wilderness Society.

Please help us design the webinars to meet your interests and needs by completing this survey.

The first part of the survey looks for some information on email communication.  The second is to help design the webinar series.

As an activist with the Wilderness Society you are sent two regular emails on organising related issues. What are they called?

Protecting your personal information is our priority. You can read our Privacy Policy and Collection Statement.

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