Community Organising: for the Future of Wild Places

The Wilderness Society have been organising, engaging and sustaining active Australians since 1976, when a small group of volunteers committed to protecting the wilderness of south-west Tasmania. 

Since then the Wilderness Society has been working hard to protect our wild places and tackle impending climate change threats on a national scale. Despite the Wilderness Society’s countless successes over the decades, environmental degradation and climate change remain a fundamentally pressing issue. At the core of these issues is a mission to capture the hearts and minds of Australians who are passionate about protecting our wild places.

The Wilderness Society’s community organising ethos is all about inspiring  individuals and groups to make change in their local communities; helping to direct their energy to the right place at the right time.

Our team aims to achieve our active vision through creative inspiration, integrity and compassion.

Our community organising efforts are all geared towards empowering local communities and volunteers to become more effective advocates for the places we love.

It’s all about fostering relationships with likeminded people to build common ground for collective action.

Whether it be issue-centred campaigning or a presence at local community events, connecting our campaigns with what matters to people and facilitating relationships with community members is at the heart of our organising ethos. 

Our Neighbourhood Collectives is a new initiative developed in conjunction with our community organising efforts. These collectives are a place where members and Wilderness Society supporters can meet people locally, explore our great wild places together and work towards the ongoing protection of our environment.

Supporters and volunteers are granted the opportunity to take part in empowering training and we support leaders to activate their community, build effective teams and create solutions to achieve our shared vision.

By joining a Neighbourhood Collective you’ll have the chance to put this vision into unified action. Along with this is an amazing opportunity be at the forefront of community organising; participating in our all new highly anticipated training program which has been developed by internationally acclaimed community organisers. 

Join your local Wilderness Society Neighbourhood Collective and volunteer today. 

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