Neighbourhood Collectives – The Way Forward

Do you know your neighbours?

The Wilderness Society WA launched their ‘neighbourhood collective’ project this week and it got me thinking. The night began like any other, with introductions. As we went around the room one thing became apparent. We were different; in age, ethnicity, and background. Yet we were the same; in values.

The night went on to explore the concept of power. What is power? Who has it? Why? The conclusion – people have power. We are powerful if only we knew how to be. Enter neighbourhood collectives.

Your realm of influence

Lesson one: Who are you? What would you like to see in your community? Are there any environmental issues you could have influence over?

Lesson two:  Who do you/could you talk to about your love, and the importance of, nature in your community?

Lesson three: What opportunities in your community do you have to expand this realm? Some ideas included: Joining existing groups, talking to local government, engaging local businesses and schools, and/or creating your own group.

Support and connection are the main aims of the game. The hope is to build a community that is open to all. A community that promotes wellness, connection, learning, and experiencing nature. The simple concept of getting people together to enjoy nature, while building community connections and relationships, and empowering people to have influence over their local environment – their home – is admirable and achievable. How do we do this? Through engagement, through doing. Think bush walks, picnics, documentary nights, or chats over coffee... It’s as simple as that!

Who are your neighbours?

This event served as a reminder that everyone - no matter their age, ethnicity or background - share certain values. Next time you’re out and about take a moment to think about your values and the values of your neighbours, friends and colleagues. You never know, you may have more in common than you think... And remember, what you do or say could have more influence than you realise. We all have the power to make positive change. Let’s have a bit of fun while we do it.  

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