Pilliga Rising Film Screenings

The Wilderness Society Newcastle is taking this important documentary on the road, come along to a screening in your local area.

This new 38 minute documentary provides a heartwarming insight into the community resistance to coal seam gas in the Pilliga forest and across North West NSW. The screening will feature speakers to provide updates on the issue as the pressure grows to stop the Narrabri Gas Project. 


Don’t miss this moving tale of four characters, worlds-apart, united by their love of the Pilliga and determination to protect it from coal seam gas. An oil and gas corporation plans to drill 850 wells through the Great Artesian Basin – one of the largest underground freshwater reservoirs in the world – which recharges beneath the Pilliga. This is the story of the Pilliga forest told by the people rising to defend it.

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Host your own screening!

Following this first round of screenings, we invite supportive individuals and groups to host their own—wherever you may be! Host one at your local community centre, university or in your living room. Register your interest to host a Pilliga Rising screening here.

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