🌿 Sydney Fundamentals of Community Organising Training 3 June 2023 🌿

June 03, 2023 at 9:00am - 4pm
The Commons, Chippendale
20 40 Meagher St
Chippendale, NSW 2008
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Melinda Millen · · 0498 474 831

Have you ever wondered what actions you can take to deliver the loudest and most powerful voice for nature? You’ll find out at our Community Organising Training on Saturday 3 June!

Over the last seven years across the country, thousands of people like you have come together to learn how they can be part of the solution on the environmental issues they care about. Joining thousands of other passionate community members puts the power back in the hands of the people. The Wilderness Society is building a network of skilled community members to take coordinated action.

And it all starts with attending a training!

5 trainees chatting around a table

“I learned a lot of communication and other useful skills to increase my power as an individual to create change”. - Olivia, Fundamentals of Community Organising training graduate.

The training is all about immersing yourself in an incredible learning and development experience.

Sharpening your activism and advocacy skills through this training will expand your thinking about how environmental and social change occurs and you'll be motivated to act from the opportunity to reflect on why you're volunteering. The resources you will receive can be added to your toolkit for future action you take on any issue.

10 trainees chatting in a cafe style setting

At our 1-day Community Organising Training, you’ll gain experience and skills in:

  • The theory and frameworks of community organising and movement building
  • Relational organising (how to connect with others to find common ground upon which we can take action together)
  • Making an effective ask of someone - to motivate them to act on issues you care about!
  • Activating your local community

Afterwards, you’ll be well equipped to work with us on our current campaigns and community organising program, as well as with your local community or organisation to take effective action on the issues you care about.

Margie and Tony chatting standing up

“The Wilderness Society’s Organisers really know their stuff and their ability to relate participant’s questions to the subject matter is excellent. Lovely people providing excellent support”. - Margie, Fundamentals of Community Organising training graduate.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the training, please feel free to shoot Melinda an email! (details at the top of this page)



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