Wollongong City Council - we need leadership on climate change!

We love Wollongong, from our escarpment to our coast, but climate change puts it all at risk. We’ve already seen increasing heatwaves, storm events, rising sea levels and erosion.

  • Councils investing in fossil fuels can put our money and future at risk – we want our Council's money in safe and ethical investments.
  • We are calling on the council to invest in our local community, our jobs and our future and take leadership on climate change, starting right here at home.

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Wollongong City Council: take leadership on climate change!

Thirty local authorities in Australia have, so far, taken decisions to act on climate change by changing their investments away from fossil fuels.  Amongst them are Sydney and Newcastle City Councils. More are acting to clean up their own operations.  As residents of the Illawarra we call on Wollongong City Council to ensure its policies remain consistent with its own Environmental Sustainability Policy (July 2014) and Council’s End of Term Report 2014-2016 by:

  1. Immediately freezing any new investments in fossil fuels.
  2. Divesting from companies who invest in fossil fuel industries and their subsidiaries within 5 years.
  3. Taking actions to become carbon neutral in its own operations within 5 years. 
GOAL: 500 signatures

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